Friday, 3 June 2011

Another timesheet requirement?

Several projects report that EC officials are asking for a breakdown of effort required for each deliverable from a project. To do this in a traceable manner (to satisfy auditors) would require timesheets to record hours worked per deliverable, even though the Financial Guidelines make no mention of deliverables in its discussion of time recording.

The FP6 reporting guidelines asked projects to report the person months per deliverable, but few projects did so. Probably as a result, the FP7 reporting guidelines omitted this requirement. On the other hand, consortia do have an obligation under the grant agreement to provide all detailed data requested by the Commission for the purpose of the proper administration of the project. So consortia facing this situation might find it useful to remember the words used in the FP6 reporting guidelines, which asked for “used indicative person months”, to compare with those estimated in the Description of Work.

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