Monday, 1 October 2012

And an index!

Many important European Commission documents lack a list of contents. For example, the EC’s proposals for Horizon 2020 consist of a Proposal establishing the Framework Programme (119 pages), Rules for Participation (36 pages) and the Specific Programme Implementing Horizon 2020 (128 pages), all with lots of sections with headings and subheadings, but no contents list. The “no contents list” even extends to the current  Guide for Applicants, which in many parts of FP7 comes in two parts: a general part (about 30 pages) with contents list and an annex specific to a Call (about 40 pages) without a contents list.

So it was amusing to find, amongst the 240 pages of text which will become the EU’s new Financial Regulation, an amendment from the Council of Ministers stating “The readability of this Regulation should be improved by attaching an index that includes also the names of each article”. A small step on the road to simplification?

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