Friday, 2 May 2014

H2020 Model Grant Agreement....... Heavy reading?

Anyone who has printed the H2020 model grant agreement will notice that it weighs much more than the FP7 version. The new agreement combines the FP7 grant agreement, annex II (general conditions) and special clauses (now presented as options within the main agreement). A comparison of the two agreements is shown in the table (it omits a number of annexes which are short or rarely used). Overall, the number of pages increases by 71%. Of course, the two agreements differ in font size and layout, so we added a comparison of the number of words. Sure enough, this gives a lower figure: an increase of only 41%. Is this what the EC meant when it promised simplification in H2020?

“Je n’ai fait celle-ci plus longue que parce que je n’ai pas eu le loisir de la faire plus courte.” Blaise Pascal, 1657.

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