Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Don’t panic!

A new version (4.0.1) of the 700 plus page Annotated Model Grant Agreement has been released by the EC. Oh no! Do we have to read the whole document to find the minor changes which the EC has made but decided were too minor (or embarrassing) to highlight with its magic green markers?

Luckily, the answer is no. The “History of Changes” at the front of 4.0.1, which usually includes “Other minor corrections and clarifications”, on this occasion mentions only an index. Wonderful, you might think: it is often difficult to find the many references within the document to a particular topic.

Sadly, this is not what they mean. The EC’s index is simply a reference added to the bottom of most pages to tell you which of the 58 articles in which of the 16 model grant agreements are currently under discussion. So if you don’t know which page you are reading, the index helps. But if you don’t know which page you should be reading, it is no help at all!

Kind regards
Singleimage Limited