Tuesday, 5 September 2017

H2020: 91 amendment types

The EC’s “Amendment Guide for FP7 Grant Agreements” listed 16 possible cases. The equivalent document for H2020 lists 91. What happened to simplification?

The answer is automation. In FP7, amending grant agreements was a manual process in which paper documents were submitted to the EC, possibly after a discussion with the EC’s Project Officer (PO). The PO went off to check the rules, asked the consortium for more information and so the weeks went by. Now, for a specific project, the Participant Portal provides a menu of about 30 possible amendments, including a number which don’t need an amendment, just an updating of data in the Beneficiary Register. When you choose the amendment needed, the Portal explains what supporting documents are required. It also supports the drafting of the letter requesting the amendment.

But, as in FP7, there remains confusion in the case of a change in the work described in Annex 1 to the grant agreement. When is an amendment needed? Only if the change is significant. What is significant? Even the IT gurus could not pin down the answer to this question. You still have to ask your PO.
Kind regards, Singleimage Limited