Thursday, 6 September 2018

No Brexit changes but…

While there has been little obvious progress on the main issues which separate the UK and the rest of the EU – trade and movement of people – both sides have published plans for the possibility that negotiations fail. Here’s the UK update for H2020.

In 2016, UK government guaranteed funding for UK organisations included in proposals submitted to H2020 before the UK departed from the EU if H2020 selected the proposal for funding.

Recently, this guarantee has been extended to include successful proposals submitted up to the end of the year 2020 for cases where UK is able to participate as a third country. This means proposals where a consortium is required to carry out the work: most of Societal Challenges and Enabling & Industrial Technologies, and parts of Excellent Science.

UK government is now establishing a register of UK organisations which now or in the next few months will be entitled to claim against this guarantee. If negotiations fail, organisations applying to H2020 after the March 2019 deadline will use the same register so they can claim UK funding for their participation.

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